Siglunes, southern coast. Picture of some of the eroding mounds before they were cleaned and mapped.

Our project in Siglunes, at the very Northern end of Eyjafjörður is about to start.

Birna Lárusdóttir (FSÍ), Howell Roberts (FSÍ), Sigríður (Sirrý) Þorgeirsdóttir (FSí) and I will leave sunny and warm Reykjavík next Monday morning for the far north. The weather up there may be somewhat less friendly, but we are prepared and will make the best of whatever conditions we encounter.

Since we will only be there for two weeks  this year, we have to plan very carefully to make the most out of this short season.

We hope to excavate at least one of the most endangered ruins on the ‘-nes´ or peninsula and sample a midden deposit from one of the eroding fishing structures planned and mapped last year. Plans depend on site conditions and are subject to change.

 Just as in 2011, we will stay in a local summer house called Þormóðshús. Moving between Siglunes and the town of Siglufjörður is best done by boat.

View from Siglunes to Siglufjörður in the South.

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